First of All の次は Second of Allか? - ドラマの中の英語

以前、First of allの次はSecond of allかというくだらない調査をしてみましたが、今回はそれに関連して、N-th of AllのNが一体幾つまで行くか見てみたいと思います。検索する字幕は自分が今までに見た海外番組6,000からです。それではドラムロールオン。

順位 N-th 件数
1 First of all 784
2 Second of all 137
3 Third of all 3


Well, first of all, this color looks amazing on you. Second of all, the whole fence thing... she's obviously trying to get a rise out of you. Third of all, she knows she only got the job

Parks and Recreation/Season 3/Episode 12

First of all, Rory didn't need someone to check her homework. She was a self-starter. Second of all, she wasn't interested in hockey. And third of all, you don't have to try to be superdad.

Gilmore Girls/Season 7/Episode 6